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Bredgar Pond Decking 2016

By Brian Clarke Bredgar Parish Council

Thursday, 11 August 2016


Brian Clarke Vice Chairman of Bredgar Parish Council


Late last year, just as Bredgar PC committed most of its reserves to purchase the recreation ground, we discovered that our pond decking needed to be replaced.

The decking is used by residents and many families from Swale Borough to feed the ducks, and the poor state that it was in, meant it could not be in in full use.

We went for help to our local Swale and KCC councillors and asked if they would assist in funding replacement decking from their Swale Localism and Kent Members Grants. We had a tremendous response and managed to fund most of the work needed.

KCC Councillors supporting the project were Mike Baldock and Andrew Bowles.

Swale Councillors who supported the project were Monique Bonney, Mike Baldock,
George Samuel, Roger Clark, Sarah Aldridge, Nicolas Hampshire, Roger Truelove
and Mike Whiting.

Donations ranged from £1500 to £100 and totalled £3443.

The new decking was installed in June and on the 25th June we held a small inspection / opening ceremony on it. This was attended by a number of the supporting councillors, some residents and members of the Parish Councillors.

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Brian Clarke

  • 01622 884212

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