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Bredgar Cemetery Water Butts

By Brian Clarke Bredgar Parish Council

Monday, 12 December 2016


Bredgar Parish Council Contributor


Recently a number of people have written to Bredgar Parish Council about a lack of water in the cemetery water butts during the summer, and requesting that a mains supply be installed. An inspection of the existing two butts revealed that one butt had a damaged tap and was not water tight.

The Parish Council agreed that a solution must be found quickly but were reluctant to increase parish cost overheads by installation of a mains supply. It was decided that we would repair the water butts, then make sure the water levels are regularly monitored and if needed, topped up in dry periods.

A local resident kindly volunteered to perform the repairs and he suggested a number of other improvements that have been quickly implemented. There are now three water butts, installed on new concrete bases and raised higher for easier access. The extra capacity will reduce the risk of all the water being used up and arrangements are in place for the water levels to be monitored during dry spells.

The Parish Council would like to thank the resident on behalf of all parishioners and visitors to the cemetery.

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